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Where we will go?
In bibione!

Behind the car!

A charter to germany!

In other rounds!

On what we will go?
By the bus!

The passport to take?
To take!

When we will go?
Under the schedule!

? Is!

Behind car (5 days - 190$)

In round cost are included into germany:

  • Journey by the bus from moscow to hildesheim (a vicinity of hanover), munich or other city;
  • The medical insurance;
  • The help in car search (trips on parking, firms, a translation service, consultations).

It is paid in addition:

  • The visa (40$);
  • Transit registration of the car for journey across germany (150-160$);
  • Hotel accommodation (from 20 Euro/ days).
  • At return on the ferry to helsinki (finland) - $500 (depending on make of the car).

To documents The copy of payment of the deposit (customs pledge)

1 Day

7-00 mornings departure of their moscow by the bus, journey across belarus, border passage to brest, night moving across poland in addition is required.

2 Day

Crossing of polsko-german border, moving to hildesheim, placing in hotel. a lodging for the night in hotel.

With a choice of the car you will be helped strongly by the illustrated directories on sale of second-hand cars, automobile and cargo. with their help it is possible to accelerate a car choice considerably.

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3-4 Day

A car choice. visiting of parking, garages, firms on sale cars. a lodging for the night in hotel.

5 Day

Number clearing (till 11-00 local time), car registration, independent departure home or in port,

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