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Where we will go?
In bibione!

Behind the car!

A charter to germany!

In other rounds!

On what we will go?
By the bus!

The passport to take?
To take!

When we will go?
Under the schedule!

? Is!

To consult about presence of empty seats and to reserve tickets or places

The departure schedule / returnings

Of bus rounds in bibione (13 days)

8 days on the sea +

Dresden - munich - bibione - salzburg - nuremberg

Date of departure from moscow

Every thursday, from may, 02nd till september, 19th

Returning date to moscow

Every tuesday (for 12th day after departure), from may, 14th till october, 01st

The schedule of departure

Moscow - dresden - moscow

Every saturday, Since 4/27/2010

The schedule of round

Behind the car to germany

Departure is carried out with any passing bus round going through germany. departure is possible practically in any day.

Call us, and our managers will help to pick up to you optimum day of departure.

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