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Where we will go?
In bibione!

Behind the car!

A charter to germany!

In other rounds!

On what we will go?
By the bus!

The passport to take?
To take!

When we will go?
Under the schedule!

? Is!

Rest on adriatic sea +

Moscow - dresden - munich - bibione - salzburg - nuremberg - moscow

Of 13 days (8 days on the sea) $299

Are included into round cost: Journey to the bus, the medical insurance, residing in hotel in territory of germany (3 local), residing at apartments in bibione (2 rooms on 4 persons), the complete set "an umbrella + 2 plank beds" on each apartments.

снять квартиру в киеве посуточно-вулиця Хрещатик,22,Київ,01001 . Юрист по заливу метро печатники телефон юриста и адвоката у станции метро печатники.

Are paid separately: The visa ( $50), excursions (at will), entrance tickets, a food, double placing in apartments (2 rooms on 2 persons) ($The 120/person .) the fifth and sixth person in apartments - $170.

1 day

8:00 departure from moscow. in the evening arrival in brest.

Border passage.

Moving across belarus (1050 km.)

Night moving across poland (700 km.)

2 day

Arrival in dresden. visiting of the dresden gallery. free time. a lodging for the night in hotel in territory of germany.

The input in gallery is paid independently.

3 day

The breakfast in hotel. Departure to munich. a sightseeing tour across munich. free time. departure to italy.

The breakfast is included in price. Night moving of 450 km.

4 day

Arrival in bibione. acquaintance to a city. moving in apartments. rest.

Bibione - silent resort small town near to trieste on the bank of adriatic sea.

Photos see. (75 kB)

Is famous for thermal waters.

Houses in 2-3 floors among pines and eucalyptuses. some large hotels. it is a lot of entertainments, cafe,moon- And -Parks, stadiums, discos, and so forth the developed infrastructure of service. campings. the equipped beach.

Apartments represent 2 room apartment (2 rooms + kitchen + a bathroom + a shower + loggia). Distance to the sea - apprx. 400 m.

With themselves are necessary to take the bed-clothes complete set. the kitchen equipment can be rented on a place.

A food on a place: Breakfasts 8 - 40 Eu. The supper - 10-15 Eu / person.

Cheap both high-quality seafood and fault in local shops.

5 day

Rest at coast.

At will - excursion in Rome. (480 km.) 2 days, a lodging for the night in hotel. $110.

6 day

Rest at coast.

At will - excursion in Venice. (80 km) $35.

7 day

Rest at coast.

At will - excursion in Milan. (240 km) $40.

8 day

Rest at coast.

At will - excursion in Verona. (80 Km) $30.

9 day

Rest at coast.

10 day

Delivery of apartments. a farewell supper. departure to salzburg.

Night moving. Of 450 km

11 day

Arrival in salzburg. excursion on a city. moving to nuremberg. excursion on a city.

Moving of 310 km. a lodging for the night in hotel in territory of germany.

12 day

The breakfast in hotel. .

Night moving .

13 day

In the evening arrival in moscow.

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