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Where we will go?
In bibione!

Behind the car!

A charter to germany!

In other rounds!

On what we will go?
By the bus!

The passport to take?
To take!

When we will go?
Under the schedule!

? Is!

On this page we have placed the special coupon granting the right to reception of 5 %-s' discounts at the order of round in our company.

Certainly, at the round order, you can show only one coupon on each person. And on the statistican, everyone 20th goes Free of charge!

There is a sense to go the big company!

You can unpack the coupon repeatedly or make copies on the copier - they too are valid! incur a role of the organizer, collect group, and you will eat free of charge (!) or with a huge discount!

15 ! : -.

The example of usage Java Script 49

To unpack coupon

This card will help you to find our office quickly. it is located to the address: moscow of underground "novokuznetsk", street pjatnitsky, the house 28, Ph. (095) 953-4168

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