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The moscow prospects

The moscow habitation has got under pressure
Of power lift cost of capital real estate. on september, 1st in moscow the payment for connection of new objects of real estate to power networks will be entered. it urged to replace present individual expenses of builders on connection. the moscow electronetwork company () which and will be engaged now in an electric power supply to new buildings will collect from $1,8 in a year. as a result the cost price of square metre of habitation in capital will grow on the average on $160 for mass houses.

Association of moscow and moscow region: to be or not to be?
The problem of association of capital and area in one subject of federation now one of the most discussed among participants of the market of real estate, statesmen and inhabitants of the moscow region.

The grass at house
Fund "public opinion" () does not dream us has published results of poll about the relation of russians to the national project "accessible habitation". it was found out that 31 % of our fellow citizens even after half a year after the beginning of its realisation about it did not hear anything. in spite of the fact that creators of the national project stand up for simplification of procedure of transfer of the suburban earths under low building, only third of inhabitants of megacities are ready to change apartments for comfortable cottages. the main argument wishing to remain in a city - "here all nearby and more interesting".Разные источники пишут: Компьютеры|Наши журналисты сообщают: смотреть статью вместе с сайтом
Не дорогая стойка под телевизор с кронштейном. Европейский производитель. Купить с доставкой.

Rates of privatisation in moscow all time increase
About it victor suzdal at the expanded session of city council gu frs.po by the given v.suzdalja has informed central administrative board of federal registration service of capital, for the first half of the year of this year is considered 568 thousand statements for state registration of the rights and transactions with real estate that on 27 % more than for all last year.

Skyscrapers for people
The moscow authorities intend to master essentially new kind of habitation - "an economy class skyscraper". yury luzhkov has disposed to prepare the list of skyscrapers which will be under construction within the limits of the program "new ring of moscow" () for persons included in a waiting list and inhabitants taken down at the expense of meansthe builders specialising on high-rise building, say that this idea is doomed to a failure: the skyscraper cost price much above the usual starting house, and the payment for working costs will ruin the majority of immigrants.

Developers liked to invest in the moscow rings
Experts of the market of commercial real estate consider that, despite a great demand on business centres, around the fourth ring it is the most favourable to erect trading real estate. thus, under condition of full commissioning the highway will involve the big streams of buyers at the expense of high throughput and rather small remoteness from the capital centre.

Black square
Needy was reduced by grants for purchase of apartments. only after the impecunious muscovite, years huddling in a tiny flat, will prove to authorities of the capital that it absolute needy, it can apply for free habitation. but now in moscow the notorious status of "needy" will receive more difficult, than, for example, to receive an armchair of the deputy of moscow city council. it follows from the capital parliament of the law accepted yesterday at session "about maintenance of the right of townsmen of moscow on premises".

Turn not to occupy any more
New rules of formation of notorious housing turn in capital the moscow city council has confirmed yesterday. deputies have passed in the third reading the law introduced by the mayor "about maintenance of the right of townsmen of moscow on premises", defining who henceforth can apply for municipal apartments on social hiring and to the aid cities in acquisition of square metres in the property.

Inhabitants had "constitution"
In the end of june in moscow the new law "about maintenance of the housing rights of citizens at resettlement and clearing of premises in the city of moscow" will come into force.

In moscow will build... villages
Soon moscow will return itself the forgotten rank of "the big village". the dream of those who would like to have a small house not in village, and in a city, becomes a reality. however, "small houses" will be faster are similar to private residences, with all that it implies price consequences.


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